FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who Were You?

WintegoSPY, LLC has been a respected monitoring software and computer solutions provider since 2007- earning recognition from prestigious media outlets.we have developed different versions of software to suit customers needs.

2.What is WintegoSPY?

WintegoSPY is a award winning mobile monitoring software designed and intended for parents to help keep their children safe for employers to maintain productivity among employees and Spouses to check if their partners are faithful. With over 5,000,000 customers worldwide and over 5,000,000+ downloads, WintegoSPY is the most complete and trusted monitoring software on the market,This is the only software that can remotely monitor target phone without ever touching their phone and the Only software that can Spy encrypted whatsApp messages(as featured on wired and Forbes respectively).

3.How does it work?

Customer Buys our software from our Official website www.wintegospy.com and activate it on their  Phone, Our monitoring app works will Immediately start accessing data from the phone to which you want to spy. Once the app is installed, it will gather all data from the target phone and upload it to our secure servers. You can view this data by logging into your Secure Online Account just withing the Spy App, which is provided for you when you buy the program.

Everything you need to begin using the app will be emailed to you. Nothing is shipped, software will be automatically delivered to you via Email. In your email, you will get the activation link which will take you to the Simple installation instructions.

4.What are the requirements?

Remote Spy Only Works on android devices,All parties (Target Phone and person who wants to spy) must have an android device,All you need is the target phone Gmail Account(someone@gmail.com) and their Phone number which will be entered on the Spy App, You will get activation settings from us which you will use to Remotely connect to the target phone via spy app, This process is simple,fast and takes less than a minute and it is done remotely without ever touching their phone and they will never know about it even if they are familiar with the settings of their phone. Besides, you don’t need to be anywhere near them/Spy even if they are abroad, Target phone must be connected to the internet during the time of the installation to upload their data instantly to your online Account.

5. I Do Not have target Phone?

You will need to have Physical possession of the Target phone you want to monitor for one minute to Install spy Code by entering your Email and your preferred Password into target phone(to Connect to your online account). After the app is installed and hidden (By default ), you will not need to have possession of the target phone again . You will use the details to login to your online account we will give you to view logs remotely without them knowing, even if they decide to travel abroad(away from your Continent/Country)

Please NOTE: Spy Code is automatically hidden by slightly shaking the phone or pressing hide Button provided, installation is so simple and will never takes more than a minute,besides,we will help you even if you don’t have the target phone yourself as long as you will be available.

Internet must be enabled on the target phone during the time of installation.

With our Assistance, we’ll gladly perform initial installation of Spy App on your target mobile device as well as complete Keylogger setup, Locations, disable SMS apps, activate USB-debugging and more. We will also perform full Remote Installation and Rooting procedure for you ,so you dont need to touch the phone yourself,we have don't  it to over 1,000,000 Customers.

6. Is it invisible?

Yes. The app is 100% invisible and stays hidden on the phone or tablet that it is installed in, it cannot be seen  on the app drawer or in the file manager or anywhere in the target phone/they will never ever notice even if they are 100% familiar with their phone settings.

7.Do I Need To be A Tech Savvy?

 Never,All you need is Basic Understanding and reading skills,Installation is easy as flipping a light bulb-Switch and takes exactly less than a minute and you will know everything on their phone.

8.Works For How Long?

license Expire after 1 year(Current Offer Only),Therefore you will have a whole year To Spy your target,Cancel or renew any time,However,it is not Auto-renewal.

9.How will I Stop Spying?

This information is only available just within the spy app after purchase(it is confidential to customers)

10.Does It Work Worldwide

Yes,Our monitoring software works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the target device and is compatible with all service providers (carriers) worldwide except  China. However, WintegoSPY requires Internet connection to transfer data to your personal account (Control Panel - your account that will be created after purchase), thus mobile Internet or WI-Fi connection must be switched on the target device and your phone,It Is Not a must for target Phone to fully  get Connected to the internet because our Spy App  will always Forward  data to your Phone Immediately after they Connect their Phone to the Internet,you can do this by engaging them on chat online and in the process,their phone will secretly  upload all their data to you remotely at that time.

11.Can I Monitor More Than 1 Device?

Yes,But Please be informed that you can monitor as many phones as you want. When you purchase one subscription, you can monitor one cell phone only. But you can change target cell phones free of charge during all subscription period as many times as you wish pretty likely if your target(your Spouse) Change their phone and Sim cards to have an affair ,the software will notify you when they change their SIM cards and you will start spying  them on their new phone as long as they maintain  the same Gmail account, But you Can't Spy more than one phone at the same time,you must remove one account,otherwise our system will delete your account and there would be no refund,this is stated on our refund policy here.

12. What devices are supported?

Remote Cell Phone spy works on All android Devices (tablets and phones ) Only and works in any other country apart from China. Any other OS not supported.

13. Is Rooting Required?

For the Non-rooted version, you don’t need to root the phone. Only Gmail Account(someone@gmail.com) and Phone number Required is required to access the Gmail back-up on the target device and start spying without ever touching their phone. No rooting is required for the installation and running of the app. Rooting is required only if you need to monitor the non-default applications such as Facebook, Viber, Skype, Gmail .

14.Are Customers Data Safe?

Yes, all our Customers data are hosted by Google Fire base and amazon Web service secure servers located in Silicon Valley-California ,United States Of America.Information pass through secure end-to-end amazon web service Encryption  channel and no any other person can see the data except you.As you already Know,Amazon and Google is trusted by Over 1 Billion to hold their data(Including you). Don't worry,Over 5,000,000  satisfied Customers already use our software.

Click here to refer to our Privacy policy

Read amazon Privacy Policy Here

15. Someone is spying On Me?

Someone Can easily  Spy On you even if you decide to keep your Phone and Computers in a locker room.Surprisingly, You will never Notice Someone is spying on your Phone/Computer. The information on how to prevent this is only available to all our Customers, Next question.

16.What is the price? 

 We don't process payment on our website which is only done by Click2sell(world leader in online payment for digital products), we have been using Click2sell to 9years to handle payment for millions of our previous Customers .Safely use Credit Card/PayPal.However,you can as well pay using your debit/credit cards through papal if you don't have PayPal account,simple fast and secure.pay pal  accept:
  1.  All Mastercards.
  2. All Visa Cards
  3. American Express Cards.
  4. Discover
  5. JCB
  6. Diner's Club and En Route and more
Check Cards with or Debit Cards with either a Visa or MasterCard logo are all supported by Pay Pal

How  To Pay without Exposing Bank information?
  1. Get any  FREE prepaid card(Visa or MasterCard) from any bank in your Country(No need to be a member of the Bank).
  2. Load the Card using  Mobile wallet/bank balance.
  3. Then Pay for the software safely without exposing your data
Kindly Contact your Bank using the Numbers at the back of your(the) card regarding online transaction using credit card through pay pal.

Price?=We have a seasonal price change,at the moment we are running our  9th anniversary celebration offer.

17.What Happens After Purchase?

As soon as the payment is approved (you receive a confirmation email from the billing company)You will be directed to the secure download page where you will download the software and your license details .You will require a computer to unzip the folder having the software.Transfer the  Unzipped App to your Phone and install it,the  app contains the link to your personal web Control Panel (data storage) and Login credentials. ,Follow the simple instructions on the app to point to the target phone  and start spying from where you are.

18.Can I Get Refund?

Yes,you can get a refund within 10 days following the day of your purchase . If the software is not going to work for you the way we have described it on our website, we will refund all your money as long as refund reasons do not contradict our Refund Policy Conditions, At the same time, we are confident that our professional Customer Support can help you with any issues that may arise and make you fully satisfied without our software.

You can read our full refund policy here

19. Do you provide technical support?

Yes. After your purchase you will receive a premium software product with step-by-step instructions, updates for life and online support for life. In the rare case of a problem, our support team will give you step-by-step instructions to correct your issue. 100% Guaranteed.

If you have Any question,kindly contact us and one of our miners will courteously answer you.


About WintegoSPY

WintegoSPY (formally SpyGeargargets) is a Francisco Partners portfolio company founded in late 2007 in Israel. We are WintegoSPY- the premier global provider of digital monitoring solutions and related services, WintegoSPY is present in more than 200 countries and has a market leading position in areas such as mobile and Computer monitoring, data recovery, Spy garget ,surveillance,CCTV,GPS tracking and so on. Millions of users worldwide give preference to our application for its superior quality.

WintegoSPY moved its head offices to United States after being acquired by SpyGearGargets in March 2017. More information about WintegoSPY and SpyGearGargets platform and related services can be found on www.wintegospy.com .More information on SpyGearGargets can be found on www.SpyGearGargets.com .

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