Refund Policy

 Refund Policy For 8 spy software

Refunds for WintegoSPY Software purchasing shall be regulated by this Refund Policy.

General Guidelines

In case you have technical issues with the Software, which cannot be fixed by WintegoSPY Customer Support Center, you may be eligible for a full refund in accordance with Refund Policy outlined below. However, we are convinced that most of claims for refund may be avoided if you accept professional help from our Customer Support Center. To contact the Customer Support Center please write to or simply fill this form.

Full Refund Conditions

  •  If all the spy software is not working /stopped working (All of them stopped working and our team cannot solve all the problems)

Partial Refund Conditions for 8 spy software outlined below.

  •    If the customer is dissatisfied with WINTEGOSPY due to any other general issue, a refund of 10% amount of their purchase will be processed.
  •  If the target computer is switched/replaced and the customer no longer has access to it, then a refund of 10% amount of their purchase will be processed.
  •  If the computer has been reset/OS reinstalled to the original factory settings and the customer no longer has access to it, then a refund of 10% amount of their purchase will be processed.
  •  If the customer support doesn’t respond to the customer’s ticket within 24-78 hours, a refund of 10% of their purchase value will be processed, in case the customer wants to discontinue using WINTEGOSPY services. 
  • In the presence of antivirus and the customer is not willing to remove them, then a refund of 5% will be processed.


No-Refund Conditions

No refund can be granted to WINTEGOSPY customers in case their reasons for a refund request are completely beyond our control. The reasons can be the following

  •  The target user intends to monitor non supported operation system (Our software is compatible with android, windows and MAC OS) any other OS not supported.
  • No refund will be issued after 30 days have elapsed since the purchase date.
  •  A user does not accept technical assistance,user does not follow the installation guidelines received from our customer support team via email or telephone call.
  •    A Target device is not owned by a user, or a user did not receive a consent of a target phone owner to install the WintegoSPY  Software.
  • The user intent to use the software for illegal use such as Spying of someone without their consent. 
  • Other personal reasons (“I’ve changed my mind”, “I’ve made a purchase by mistake”, “target device   owner has travelled” “I no longer need the software” etc.).
  •  If the customer asks for a feature that WINTEGOSPY doesn’t offer. [A complete and categorical features list is provided on the Buy Now page; WINTEGOSPY isn’t responsible if a feature is misread or misinterpreted from the list]
  •  The target device does not have the Internet access any longer (cellular data plans expiration, temporary service interruptions, roaming-related problems etc.).
  • The customer is no longer subscribed to the WINTEGOSPY plan at the time of refund request.
  • The customer does not follow the installation guidelines provided by our Customer Support.
  •     The application works in “Stealth/Undetectable” mode, meaning no trace of activity is left behind anywhere on the device. No other signs of the application can be referred to “Stealth/undetectable” mode or considered a reason for a refund.
  •   Customer refuses to update the application after the technical issues have been resolved successfully.
  •     If a customer fails to successfully install and run Team Viewer QS app on the target device for Remote Installation Support or if there’s no or poor internet connection on the target device.
  •    If a customer intends to use the software for illegal criminal activities such as stealing, kidnapping and spying on someone without their consent, we will deactivate your account and even report you to local authority (for customers living in UNITED STATES)-Our software is for legal use only.

Legal Disclaimer

Legal Prerequisites for Using WINTEGOSPY

With the use of WINTEGOSPY, you acknowledge and agree that you own the device you will install the software onto or that you have obtained the legal consent of the owner to be an authorized administrator of the device and its users. We absolutely do not condone the use of our software for illegal purposes includes using WintegoSPY to spy on someone without their consent, obtain personal information, stealing data etc. You do that at your own risk and we will not be responsible for that.

Call Recording

If you experience one-sided recording, the issue is not occurring due to WINTEGOSPY. This issue occurs due to the firmware settings on most Android devices. The firmware disables the device’s mic APIs when the target user makes/receives a call. This makes the recording one-sided.

In this case, we cannot guarantee which device the call recording feature will work on because different service providers have custom firmware settings on different devices.
If you are using our application on a device mentioned as compatible on our website but are still unable to get both sides of the call in your recording, we can offer you an extension on your subscription worth 20% amount of your purchase. Or a refund of 20% amount of your purchase will be processed. You can still keep the app and use it for other offered features.

Spying without installing software on target device.

WINTEGOSPY No-installation of software to target device version requires the Gmail credentials of the user that you want to monitor. Before you proceed to buy and onto monitoring with WINTEGOSPY, make sure that you have the legal consent of the target person for using their credentials for monitoring purposes/make sure you have the Gmail credentials (Email and password) of the target device you want to monitor, you will need this to enter into the monitoring app and start tracking their data from the target phone remotely (we only allow this feature if you want to monitor your kids phone and company owned phones).

Refund Procedure

·         To request a refund is easy. Simply click here and enter a few pieces of information and in most cases your refund process will start immediately.

·         NOTE: It will take upto 7 working days (for USA residence) and upto9 days (Non USA residence) to receive money into their bank account once decision process has been made.

·         In case of the refund issuance please note that per each transaction 9% will be deducted from the refunded amount as fees charged by banks and payment processing companies.


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