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Remote Android tracking software

Monitor everything remotely and discreetly with our powerful Android monitoring software – calls, texts, GPS, media, social media, and web visits – no need for target device contact.

Call Monitoring: Track incoming and outgoing calls, including call duration, timestamps, and contact information.

Text Message Tracking:Monitor SMS and MMS messages, including message content, timestamps, and contact details.

GPS Location Tracking:Obtain real-time or historical location data to track the device's movements.

Social Media Monitoring:Monitor social media interactions and messages on popular platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Email Tracking:Read incoming and outgoing emails, including content and attachments.

Android hidden screen recorder App.

Wintego spy secret screen recorder capture screenshots secretly from the target phone every second and deliver them to you remotely. You can be sure nothing is going to miss out.

Secretly capture Android screen recordings.

Spy Audio Recorder:Capture device audio, including system and microphone sounds.

Remote Monitoring:Control/View recording from another device.

Auto-Start:Begin recording upon device startup or app launch.

View target device's screen remotely, including chats, SMS, and calls.

Remote computer monitoring/tracking software

Invisibly monitor online chatting, internet browsing, social media activities, emails, apps, and website usage . ensuring your loved ones' safety.

User Activity Logging:Record and log activities, including app usage, keystrokes, internet history, and websites visited.

Keylogger: Capture and analyze keystrokes to monitor text input, including emails and chat messages.

Website and URL Tracking: Monitor websites visited, URLs accessed, and browsing history.

Email and Chat Monitoring: Monitor emails and chat messages for security and compliance.

File and Document Tracking: Record file access, changes, transfers, and document content.

Application Blocking:Block or restrict access to specific applications or websites.

Remote screenshot Capture for computers

Automatically capture computer screen discreetly, remote screenshots on specific website or app usage, providing peace of mind.

Real-Time screen Capture:Capture computer screens instantly or at set intervals.

Remote Screen Activation:Initiate remote screenshot capture without physical access to the target computer.

Remote Access:View captured screenshots remotely from a different device via the internet.

Scheduled Capture:Set up automated schedules to capture screenshots at specific times or events.

Stealth Mode: Operate in stealth or hidden mode to avoid detection on the target computer.

Capture multiple computers:Capture screenshots from multiple computers at once with one dashboard.

Hidden Voice Recorder

Remotely turn a Windows computer into a secret listening and recording device, completely undetected, and even send the recorded audio to a specified email address.

Silent Voice Recording:Activate the device's microphone remotely to listen to live conversations and record surroundings discreetly.

Remote Voice Recording:Initiate voice recording remotely from another device and location without physical access to monitored computer.

Undetectable Operation: Operate silently to avoid target user detection.

Email Delivery: Send recorded audio files to a specified email address for discreet retrieval.

Auto-Start recording: Automatically start the recording software when the computer boots up for continuous monitoring.

Remote Control: Start, stop, or pause audio recording remotely to conserve storage space.

Employee Monitoring Software

Wintego Tools empower managers to boost productivity, detect insider threats, prevent data theft and misconduct, and foster transparency by safeguarding computers against misuse.

Activity Logging:Capture comprehensive logs of employee computer activities, including app usage, website visits, and document access.

Keystroke Logging:Capture and analyze keystrokes to monitor text input, emails, and chat conversations.

Website and URL Tracking:Monitor visited websites, URL access, and browsing history to enforce company policies.

File and Document Tracking:Record file access, changes, and transfers for data security and compliance purposes.

Email and Chat Monitoring:Review email communications and chat messages to detect inappropriate or unauthorized conversations.

Real-Time Alerts:Receive instant alerts for suspicious or non-compliant activities, enhancing security and proactive management.

Remote Screen Recorder (Record Screen of Another Computer Remotely)

Capture screenshots and record screen videos remotely without the target user's knowledge, Maintain discretion while gaining valuable visual insights.

Real-Time Screen Capture:Capture the target computer's screen in real-time and record live screen videos remotely as they happen.

Remote Activation:Initiate screen recording remotely from a different device.

Scheduled Recording:Set up automated recording schedules for specific times or events.

Monitor mutiple Computers: Record screens from multiple Computers from one central computer remotely.

Audio Recording:Capture audio along with screen activity, including system sounds and microphone input.

Remote Stop and Start:Pause or stop screen recording remotely as needed.

CCTV webcam capture Software(Turn webcam into CCTV security camera)

Transform your laptop webcam into a live home or office surveillance camera, detecting sound or movement just like a CCTV /hidden camera-Enhance security and peace of mind.

Live Video Streaming: Stream real-time video feed from the webcam to a designated viewing device or platform..

Remote Access:View live or recorded video remotely from a computer or mobile device via the internet.

Motion Detection: Detect and trigger recording or alerts when motion is detected within the webcam's field of view.

Scheduled Recording: Set up specific time frames for automatic recording and monitoring.

Alerts and Notifications: Receive alerts or notifications via email or mobile app when motion is detected or specific events occur..

Auto-Start recording: Automatically launch the software and start recording when the computer starts up.


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How it Works.

Protect and prevent: Wintego tracker detect and catches cheaters,cyberbullies and internet predators

The only undetectable and invisible phone tracking software.

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monitor whatsapp chats

remotely view all incoming and outgoing chats and multimedia on whatsApp

💬track SMS+date and time

Read all incoming/outgoing text messages+ate and time even after they are deleted from the device

📞Call logs+date and time

View all incoming/outgoing calls with contact info, timestamps, and call duration

Live Call Recording

Record any call from the target phone or choose phone numbers to be recorded automatically. recorded calls are sent to the web account to be listened to later.

📵Track and block contacts

Get entire phone book with all names,phone numbers, emails and even block some.

🖼️See Photos and videos

View photos, videos, and other media that is shared or stored on the device

📍GPS location Tracking

Track current GPS location of the device and view its location history

📱Social media messages

See activity/messages on social apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, etc

🌐Browser history and web URL

Check browser history of the device, including searches done in the Incognito mode

📧monitor emails/gmail

Wintego tracking software captures all E-mails messages even if user delete them you will have a copy on your web account.

🖥️Capture screenshorts

Takes secret snapshots of target phone screen at regular intervals. This gives you the power to view everything.

🔍know Suspicious Activity

Set alerts for calls to and from specified numbers, 'hot words' in SMS chats or emails, or if location boundaries are breached.

📱View installed apps and usage

Get information about installed apps, calendar activity, emails, and more

📁View files and folders

Upload all photos/videos/documents taken from the the target device to your web account.

🎙️Hidden Surround Recording

Secretly turn on the phone's microphone and record its surroundings audio conversations

📸Remote phone Camera Capture

Remotely and discreetly take control of a phone’s cameras and use it to record videos/photos of its surrounding.

Computer Monitoring/tracking features.

Discover why Wintego tracking software for Windows PC and laptop monitoring should be your top pick!.

Are they are using computers to cheat and hide their Secrets?Catch Cheaters with their own computers

📂👁️‍🗨️View files and folders.

vView all multimedia and documents stored or shared on the device, including private photos and folders.

⏱️👥Employee Time tracking.

Track computer usage to keep your loved ones and employees safe. Monitor project time accurately and prevent communication with bullies or predators.

📧📱Track Emails and Social media.

Track all communications such as social media and email messages.

🎥🔒hidden screen recorder.

Remotely track live computer/phone screen secretly to know exactly what's happening by sending hidden commands and perform covert screen recordings. remotely capture screenshorts

🔍📱Track installed software/apps.

Manage installed apps remotely on your monitored device. Keep your loved ones safe or boost employee productivity.

📸👀Capture and View Screenshort.

Remotely capture and store screenshots from the target device for easy viewing on your own device, ensuring that you have solid evidence at your fingertips.

🔒📷Hidden Webcam Video recorder

Remotely turn laptop webcam into security camera to discreetly record and view videos on your mobile, giving you peace of mind.

📂📥USB Hidden Copier

Copy USB files to your hard drive secretly with Wintego's Secret USB Copier. Our USB tracker records all activity between connected devices and a PC, giving you complete control and security.

📱🌐Track apps and website.

Now you can be sure of what your child,employees,partner are wasting time on,what programs and sites they visist and you can make informed decision

🔒🔊Secretly listen to phone Calls.

record and silently listen to clear incoming,outgoing lives calls of target phone/computer-clearly listen to skype,whatsapp calls etc

🔒🎙️hidden voice recorder/Surround recording.

Wintego hidden voice recorder allows you to record and secretly listen to surounding voice conversations of target phone/computer

🌐Monitor whatsapp web.

Get remote access to whatsapp chats,pictures,videos,documents on a monitored computer and phone.This allows you to know everything behind your back

📸🔍capture everything.

this feature allows you to record the information your child,employees,partner type into a website or application, See everything that is being typed on smartphone/computer.

💬🔍track all online chats.

See everything typed on chat apps:Skype,facebook,Line,whatsapp,Instagram,tinder-track deleted chats as well.

🎥🔍Webcam Motion detection

The Webcam Monitor detects motion and captures images like a modern CCTV camera. Use it to protect against property theft and prevent crimes. With captured images, you can quickly solve criminal cases with solid evidence.

🖥️📍Track Exact location of Computer

track exact location of your child,employees,partner know where your loved ones and property are and keep them safe.

📋🔍Clipboard Records .

Watch the clipboard,record what was cut or copied. In addition,you can also identify the content by type: text or files.

🌐🔍Track Internet Activity .

Get data regarding websites visited on the target computer. The URL, user, date and time are recorded for each internet activity. This feature works with all web browsers.

🌐🚫Web Filtering/block websites(parental control) .

Web-filtering feature can block or allow access to websites based on the content on those sites as specified by you.

⏰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Time Limiting Internet Access(parental control) .

Parental controls on can be set to run during specific hours. This setting helps you to schedule parental controls settings to run from a specific time

⏱️👀Monitor user Idle Time (employees monitoring) .

you can easily calculate the idle time of a computer. This allows you to know how much time exactly computer was in Idle state.

📆🔍Scheduled Monitoring .

Monitoring activities can be configured to run only during specific periods or to be inactive during specific time limits.

🕐🔍Real-Time Monitoring

Remotely track the real-time of all computer activities/apps/programs with the help of screenshots,audio,video recording or screen recording.See the data remotely as they happen at that time.

🌐🔵Online and Offline Tracking .

Keep track of almost every single online and offline activity performed on the targeted computer.

Find out how Wintego Control Panel looks

Mobile tracker Screenshorts

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Phone management
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Call Records
4 / 27

Sms Records
6 / 27

Apps Installed
7 / 27

Apps Activities
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9 / 27

10 / 27

11 / 27

12 / 27

13 / 27

14 / 27

16 / 27

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Browser History
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Line Tracker
19 / 27

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Audio Files
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22 / 27

23 / 27

24 / 27

Ambient Recording
25/ 27

26 / 27

27 / 27


Computer monitoring screenshorts/features

1-webcam as CCTV cameras/hidden CCTV camera.

2-cctv video surveillance .

3-hidden camera-home Security surveillance .

4-Wintego webcam CCTV camera software.

5-protect your business/office

6-Monitor your home/surrounding PC

7-Monitor computer screen remotely and take screenshorts.

8-Access Remote Computer Files/Folders

9-PC monitoring admin panel

10-Monitor files/folders/Internet/documents/installed softwares.

11-hidden screen recorder-Monitor everything on remote computer.

12-Control remote computer remotely.

13-View Multiple Computers at once.

14-Manage applications installed.

15-Monitor internet activities.

16-Monitor live screen/take screenshorts

Scheduled Monitoring

Limit by User/Application

Advanced Filtering

"Smart Read" Filter

Delivery via Email, FTP, LAN, USB

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Suspect your partner of cheating? Our software can help you unveil the truth and provide peace of mind. Don't let a toxic relationship hinder your progress;you can validate your suspicions and regain peace of mind.

Protect your business/home/property

Supervise employees and prevent inappropriate behavior during work hours with our legal CCTV video surveillance. Our software doubles as a motion detection system for nighttime and records work processes during business hours. Keep tabs on what's happening at work or home with our reliable CCTV camera software.

Protection and Safety: Keep your children safe online/No more cyberbullying

As a parent, nothing is more important than keeping your children safe from the dangers that lurk online. Protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, adult and violent content, drug use, and more.Protect Your Loved Ones: Ensure their safety, provide peace of mind, and keep them secure from online dangers.

Your Private investigation Software

Save time and money by using Wintego tracking software instead of hiring a private investigator or buying expensive tracking gadgets.


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We are Rated EXCELLENT

based on 36,873+ Reviews(86% 5 star ratings).

4.9/5 36,873 Reviews

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Trusted by 25+ multinational media houses, we adhere to international ethics of journalism, ensuring our credibility and reliability. You can trust us with confidence.

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Wintego tracking software is the industry leader with over 36,000 positive reviews, media coverage, TV interviews, and 5,000,000+ satisfied customers in 150+ countries. We have been creating tracking software since 2007 and are a member of the Better Business Bureau. You can trust our professional-grade software and service. Try it for 30 days risk-free and if you're not satisfied, simply email us or use our website chat with your receipt for a courteous refund, no questions asked.

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We are Rated EXCELLENT

based on 36,873+ Reviews(86% 5 star ratings).

4.9/5 36,873 Reviews


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